BEAUTILDA: Drawn Together

Beautilda - babywear
Beautilda Founder: Steph Trickett

Ever lain awake and wondered which friend might last the distance in your new venture?

Single-minded, driven and juggling it all – mother and entrepreneur – if you’ve dreamt of starting a business, no doubt you have. With so many hats, sharing the load of concerns, ups, downs and skill-sets certainly works for some. And when your children are friends too, then maybe the stars are aligning.

FOUNDERS: Steph Trickett & Sophie Flint

Business partners Steph Trickett & Sophie Flint have known each other for over 10 years and together have set up Beautilda, a British baby brand selling a range of their own hand-drawn designs printed on soft, comfy baby leggings, dribble cloths and blankets through their online store. We spoke to Steph about starting up.

She has a strong art & design background having worked in fashion buying and product development for High Street names such as Paul Smith, Cath Kidston & the Conran Shop, and whilst Sophie’s background is in HR, as Steph said: ‘She has a really creative mind.’ Although not letting go of the day jobs just yet, they have managed quite a lot in their ‘spare’ time.

Production is all done in the UK, they use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and printing inks which means they adhere to strict rules for ‘baby-friendly’ chemicals, wash well and suitable for babies from 0 to around 2 years. Despite more babies, a house move, jobs and all that entails the duo have plans to expand in the not-too-distant, ‘We would certainly love to add a bigger range in future, plus items for older children too.’

Steph is now based out of Cambridge while Sophie is in Surrey but having built the brand together, they are very much in synch for the future. ‘Although we don’t live close to each other now, we share the stock, workload and are in tune with what we want and where we want the brand to go.’

So, if you’re looking for a unique baby gift and would like to back an independent duo at the same time, then check the girls out below.



What is – or has been – your greatest struggle? Giving up travelling with work as much as I used to prior to having a family. I still love travelling but logistics and being away from two little people is tough.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Something to do with art. After going to Art college I decided I wanted to be a Fashion Designer.

Best advice ever received and from whom? My dad always says to me, “What’s for you, won’t pass you by.” It’s so true. Life can be a rollercoaster at times but if you have a bad day and something doesn’t work out there will be a reason and it generally makes sense in the long run!

Who do you most admire? Difficult to pick one… Frida Kahlo.

What keeps you up at night? Creative ideas.

When were you happiest? Snowboarding through powder in Japan. And now: I feel blessed to have two wonderful daughters and a husband who is also my best buddy.

Favourite object you possess? A key charm necklace given to me as a gift from a previous boss. She was also an inspiring mentor. I love it so much my husband had all of the keys engraved into my engagement ring.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? “Where did it come from?” I didn’t realise I said this so much until my daughter started saying it too.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you? If you want anything in life you have to work hard and get out there and find it!

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Chips.

What change do you hope for in your lifetime? The ability for men and women to have a good life work balance for their family without having to give up the career they love.

Who might help you next? I need to help myself. I am the one that is going to help me to get where I want to be.

Please recommend a brilliant female-led brand or business you have used
recently. Tales On Moon Lane. It’s an independent children’s book shop in Herne Hill, London. It is a wonderful business and I’ve bought so many books in there for my daughters and others. I love supporting local shops and the personal recommendations from the staff are pure gold.



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