About MotherSister

MotherSister: A Room of Our Own

MotherSister is a curated platform of independent, female-founded businesses.

Think of us as the go-to guide for brands & services that you’ll love, all owned and run by women.

Women are the largest growing economic force in the world. Not China, not India – women. So what we buy – and crucially who we buy from – will drive the future choices of big business. If money is power then women are a force to be reckoned with.

MotherSister Our Vision: 

Online shopping and searching for services can be overwhelming. As a super-aggregator, MotherSister will bring together the best of independent, female-founded brands. We are committed to raising the voices of women to promote positive change for all.

MotherSister: Helen’s Story 

‘The idea for MotherSister woke me at 1am: a curated online platform for women, powered by women. I was inspired by women who had been forced out of employment during or on return from maternity leave. I wanted to give a voice to these women and their stories – and to make it stop. To give women the power to choose female-founded, independent brands.

‘As the world’s largest growing economic force, we can put our spending power behind women instead of big business. If, arguably, everything we buy involves some level of moral choice, then we choose equality.

‘We can demonstrate just how much power we have and how we will use it. To stop the world resting on the shoulders of female labour and the continued abuse of women and their rights. To demonstrate the sheer brilliance of women, in all our forms.’

About MotherSister’s Founder: Helen Bush

Helen has been a magazine editor, the Executive Director of a private wealth firm and is currently on the Board of a UK charity. She has spoken at Westminster with the Equalities & Human Rights Commission about gender equality and was chosen as the guest speaker at CHANEL on International Women’s Day. She lives in London with her husband and two children.