About MotherSister

What is MotherSister?

MotherSister is a curated platform showcasing inspiring female-founders and women in business. We promote independent brands you’ll love to shop & support. We are always looking for new businesses and inspirational women to connect with….so get in touch!


MotherSister is designed to make a difference to and promote gender equality. Many small businesses are born out of passion, some necessity, often both. We are on a mission to promote positive change for all women from bump-bearer to boardroom exec to business owner so we can choose when, how & where we work.

Founder, Helen Bush

I have been a journalist, magazine editor, a builder’s assistant in China and the executive director of a investment management firm. I now run a tiny business and am on the Board of a national charity.

I resigned from my career over the phone standing in an M&S car park in the rain with 2 kids under 3. I realised I was one of so many women who couldn’t make ultra-career + babies work. So I spoke to every woman I met and I got cross. And then I got inspired. I decided to create a place for women to promote what they do, to connect with each other and make a one stop shop for independent brands, blogs and businesses. Behind that, a super-powered community of incredible women. And so the idea behind MotherSister was born.

In 2016, I was invited to Westminster by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to speak about the present challenges facing women in business – pregnant women and parents in particular. I have been back there several times since and I will go back again and again. I am committed to raising the voices of these women to make practical change with those in power.